• Do you have many years of experience in your field and now clients are asking you to consult?

    Are you also feeling confident about solving their problems but confused about how to pitch, set your pricing, when to get a team and how to juggle everything that comes with now being in business?

    Do you also feel like you could do with an angel on your shoulders with all the answer?


    Are you feeling frustrated that you can't always articulate the value of your expertise and get paid what you are worth?

  • We know how you feel

    We have worked with consulting firms for many years, it now comes second nature to us. However we have started new things before and had to call on experts to fill in the gaps. It can be so frustrating when you are stuck, but such a relief when someone shows you how it has been done before.

  • How we know...

    We started our careers at a Big 4 consultancy. We got inducted into knowledge management systems, client engagement, perfect delivery, thorough proposals and pitches. Quality is everything and we learnt from the best.


    Over the years we worked in Boutique consultancies. focussed on a core expertise and being industry leaders. We absorbed more tips and tricks for converting the job, delivering to scope and creating successful case studies.


    When we started a business of our own - we developed a laser like focus on working smarter (because 2 small children) and we want to share #workingsmarter with everyone. Men and Women alike want to create work that they enjoy and not be chained to the desk late until the night.


    We have combined all of this Consulting goodness into the Pathway to Consultant program. Doing it the hard way may not kill you, but why take the risk?

  • That is why we now offer the Pathway to Consultant Program

    We want you to be prepared to consult to Business - From Big Business to Small Business

    This 10 week program will set you up for success....


    This program is designed for experienced professionals in their field who want to get their consulting business humming.


    Work with us and achieve YOUR definition of success by:

    • Identifying what your lifestyle goals are and how your pricing and team will help you meet them 
    • Pulling all that juicy experience out of your head so as you have a structured basis to approach clients and convert that project
    • Getting crystal clear on who you want to work with and why they will want to pay your a premium for your experience
    • Working out a plan for promoting your skills that is actually replicable when you get really busy
    • Putting it all together so as you have your Consultants Toolkit 
  • Are you the one?

    This course is not for everyone - If you are.....

    A driven, ambitious professional with 8+ years of experience in your field?

    Frustrated with haphazard pitching to clients

    Ready to make a change from living and working in reactive to proactive mode?

    Willing to spend 4 hrs per week to spend on building your brand, business or career, and most importantly life you want?

  • then this course is for you!

    Get proactive instead of reactive, take control of your working life!

    Benefits of the Pathway to Consultant Program

    Obviously the value of this course includes intangibles, like FINALLY moving forward, like getting into the minds of your clients, writing persuasive sales offers that actually sell, establishing your own unique brand based on your skills (we call them superpowers), and many more. The course also includes some tangible benefits you can take with you and start using asap, such as:

    #1 Website setup and LinkedIn profile updated to really show your skills

    #2 Marketing materials you can use instantly

    #3 Cash flow forecast for your business or life, linked to your goals

    #4 Your knowledge laid out in graphics and steps – ready for anyone to see, and to use in consulting, courses, products and books

    #5 Your Own Brand Guidelines to help streamline all your work

    #6 Proposal and payment templates and tips

    #7 Your Own Timeline/Action Plan for you and your business alone

    #8 Your own Business Plan to take anywhere

    Our experience on tap

    Instead of working with 1 coach, you get two for the same price! How's that for a great deal?!

    You'll get immediate and continuous access to both Lisa and Elianne during the course and afterwards in the Facebook group!

    You will also have a 2:1 coaching session in week 4 with them to trouble shoot any road blocks you've encountered, and ensure you're getting what you need.

  • Our Guarantee to you

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    Money Back Guarantee

    Should you find after 2 weeks of working with us that we're not the right fit with you, then we offer a full refund to you.

    Boatload of tools & resources to use

    We guarantee you can take home any number of tools, tricks, resources and tips you can handle during the course!

    Safe Space to Test & Trial

    We offer you a safe zone for your ideas where you can test, trial and refine your work throughout and after the course.


    We stand for value upfront and honesty and transparency - so you can count on that and ask us anything!

    Respect and understanding

    We were not all born equal, and we all face our own challenges - we promise to show understanding and respect for whatever situation you might find yourself in.

  • Your investment

    We're upfront about what you'll need to invest


    1 hr of group Q&A per week

    plus, we expect you to do 4 hrs of 'homework' a week - which is mostly brainstorming and completing the exercises we give you - when and where it suits you.


    The course normally costs US$ 200 per week

    Book now for a complimentary chat to see if this course is right for you